Get Back Up

Music by: Toby Mack

Choreographed by: Angie Fisher

Level: Advanced


Four groups -1. Raise Roof  2. Loop arms  3. Jump rope   4. Cross Steps

 PART A (in clusters)

Triple Loop, 

1 Toe, 2 Toe

2 Canadians, 

4 Kick Claps

Kick the Bunnies

Only Wanna, 

Skuff Around


Knee Popper (move into blob), 

Synco Joey (move into square)

Triple, (on right foot)

Right on Red (move into diamond)

The Gary

Fancy Double, 

Burton Hop Scuff up (move to two lines)

(*repeat burton step on 2nd chorus, switch lines on 3rd chorus)


Dblie Dbl’s

Swingin’ Toe Knocks

 PART B (in two lines)

Clogover Loop Rock

Mickey Variation





2 Dirty Toes, 

Heel click

½ Karate Turn (face back), 

4 DS (move to two vertical lines)

2 Push Steps, 

Stomp Double (1/4 turn R)

2 Push Steps, 

7 High Knee Steps (move into original two lines)



2 Dirty Toes

Heel Click (w/ Arms)

Cross Steps

Up arms & head

 Sequence: A, Chorus, Break, B, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus (in groups), Ending