Fire Burning

Left Ft lead- Wait 16 counts


1          Brushover-Touchback              (to the left)

1          Turkey

            -Repeat to the right-

 Part A:

1          Clogover Break & Dig

2          Charleston brushes

            -Repeat to the right-

 Part B:

4          Runs    (Back line moves forward to make one line)

1          Loop Brush

4          Runs    (Front Lines moves backwards )

1          Loop Brush

1          Samantha Drag

2          Cotton Eye Joes

 Part C:

1          Bad Stamp

1          Pivot turn ½ + Basic

2          Joeys

            -Repeat to the front-

 1          Syncopade (TimeStep) with a Stomp Double   (turn 1/4 right)

            -Repeat 3xs to face front-


Part A –only to the left


Stomp Pigeon (click heels), Stomp Brush with two cross over toe taps

 1          Crazy Step

1          Chain               (turn ½ left)

1          Stomp Double

            -Repeat to the front-

 Part B and C , end with Bad Stamp