Hit Me


 Section A

 Hold 8 Counts

 Walk 8 counts

 ½ round the world

 Cricket Jump

 2 Stomps

 Fancy Joey

 Bunny Face Off

 Drunken Sailor

 Pre Chorus

 Basic Spin

 Walk the dog

 Choo choo train


 Doggie Paddle

 Gallop & Hop Dot

 Doublie Face Off

 Fancy Chain

 Doublies w/ Half crabwalk


 Bucking Fancy

 Fancy Samantha Alt

 Bucking Fancy

 Fancy Samantha Alt.

 Section B

 Woohoo Fancy

 Woohoo Flap

 Woohoo ½ Clock

 Woohoo Pull Back


 Ballerina’s Nightmare

 Repeat Pre Chorus

 Section C

 Move Out

 2 drags


 Doublie dare




 Da Scrapper


 Hit It

 Walk Eight

 Karli Feet

 ½ round the world/pullbacks

 Repeat Chorus

 Repeat Bridge


 Cricket jump



 Wrap Around Turn